About Me

My name is Sol. Sol Veig. It is reflective of Spanish-Catalan and Nordic heritage. Pronunciation isn't exactly enunciated like 'Soul' or 'Saul', to my ears anyway, it's sort of in between and relaxed. Like a lazy 'o'.

I'm a writer (and ghostwriter), introvert, and aficionado of many things creative and artistic. Literature, music, painting, theatre, film... these are all things that give me joy and satisfaction. And travel. I suppose I work to support my travel habit.

Professionally, I have primarily written articles and technical manuals, but I love creative writing. Why is it that so often, an individual's bread-and-butter work is the most mundane? I'm somewhat disillusioned with the gatekeepers and restrictions of the corporate world. I would love to get to the point where I can make my living doing the things that most invigorate me. Where my passions really lie.

As a recovering 'exvangelical', I've finally gotten to the place where I've worked through my experiences enough that they can inform my work in a positive way. Currently, much of my energy has been going into both fiction and non-fiction work that is inspired by my experiences in religion. Some of the experiences were wonderful and happy, while others wounded me deeply. I hope my work can share a balanced and honest perspective, and though I know it will upset many from my former religious community, I hope it can help others that struggle with questions, fear and doubt.

I'm an elusive creature, but not impossible to contact. If you really want to reach me, my email address is in the footer below.